Product Code #YKI825A-IC (Ink Cartridge 825ML A)

HDPE Jerry Cans

HDPE Jerry cans made from blow molding process are hollow containers suitable for storing viscous and non-viscous liquid products. The HDPE material offers high impact strength and excellent chemical resistance. These cans have a printable surface and also allow sticking labels. It is possible to customize jerry cans for overfill capacity, artwork, and neck type.

Specifications :-

  • Printing Type :- Screen printing
  • Recyclable :- Yes
  • Handles :- Yes (Optional)
  • Neck Type :- Push Lock
  • Customizations :- Weight, Overfill Capacity, Artwork, Neck, Color
  • Applications :- Ink Cartridge for Industrial Printer
  • Industry :- Information Techknolodgy, Printing Industries